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Vote for this to see me to do update on my blogger of anime/manga collection and well stuffs collect

I did make promised to older friend is 'mother's figure' to me 'roro'..about I put post photos on my blogger of collection..sorry I am too busy not upload not much on mfc..
Because I have many list in my plate yes, my life reality drag me to busy and I don't have a time to updates photos in my blogger.
It's not easy...it's harder than I throught..
I have to need clean hard driver for to make room of my carmea photos who is wait for upload on this laptop...so, I fixed on my imgur of private only for these photos..for my collection and my tablet's photos too..
I never know about 'firm date' it like a promise.. it not fit on me..it's really hard and anxious for me..*shrugs*
I need a work on my blogger to little remade..
So, I gave you poll I hope it should help me out..
I hate busy and stressful..they are suck.
So, will you excuse me I slow upload these files in imgur private to get them off from hard drive.

Poll #2010771 which you want to see for some months later?

When you want to see my anime/manga collection photos update?

Newest photos of this year.
first oldest photos in some years ago?

What's I get deadline due?

Dec 31 '14
Jan 31 '15
March 5 '15
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