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For Friends Cuts some reasons please.

Always will be comment screened.

Please ask me for reasons of removed me okay? I just want be understand.

I don't want cuts you guys on my friend list off. I know you are too busy with rl not comments in my these entries but I not mad with you all. I don't want force you come for write comments. I just want let you get your times. ^.^

if removed me from your fl. [I won't move it removed in my fl off know reasons and why what's I said] I just want know why.
-I don't move it off until tell me for reasons.
-if I agrue with their friend(s) for silly or stupid reasons then I won't move it because it's silly excuse.
-if removed me without tell me any reasons I won't move it off. I want knwo about why reasons.
-if I forget write comments on your entries please tell me I can make up.
-other etc.?

Sorry. =/ but you need to understand. =/
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