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I forget about this....for make post of Feedback for I buy things from on garagesalejapan and others.

I have a eBay Feedback only buyer not seller ^^; I have 100% +15.

Buyer Feedback:
Positive: +24 (ebay: 1)
Neutral: +/-3
Negative: -0

Seller Feedback:
Positive: +0
Neutral: +/-0
Negative: -0
NOT YET! I still selling them on my seller ab_sales

I only have SSA (close to SSI) money on every month,I not enough money you need be patient and understand wait for me.. [and I don't know when I will go to bank for some funds in my account]
I am okay for I pay: Paypal and concealed cash or money order. and International Money Order IPMO: International Postal Money Order
i have a frustrated, worried, and stressful I still wait for a job (I hope I get a job in August..) I was wait for that in 43 months no kidding.. =/
I want you be understand.

all comments are screening. I will check it later and will reply for thank you to unscreening.

Please write of 'title' for whom I buy name of items I am bad forget memory. I don't remember too much. and please write comment when I was pay to you in years with items of names (maybe with prices) ^^; And Which I was pay you in paypal or con. cash. I want remember things ^^;
And if same person I was paid please add like feedback +2 or more ^^ thanks!

If you are first /or me/ leave _ feedback here I /or you/ will leave your /or my/ same rate of +/-/= feedback back to you /or me/ that's fair.
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